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This is what ZipScan users think of the program. These are all genuine quotes.

Zip Scan kicks ass!

Thank you for the fantastic support that you are providing. I wish I could get some of the commerical S/W companies to provide support as good as yours.

Excellent program that enabled me to find an elusive Autocad Drawing that we thought we had lost. Turned out it was stored in a zip archive in the depths of our Novell Server.

Great program!!..will save me much time (and frustration..).

I am very impressed with this utility. Its exactly what I needed. Fast and easy to use. Thank you.

I use it to extract files from my Windows CD amongst other things. It searches the whole thing faster than the normal Explorer find and makes zipping files a practical way of organising them. I like the simplicity of the program. It's quick and small -- something you don't see very often. I wouldn't change anything.

Thanks for your efforts in writing this program. It will come in handy, as I have a habit of zipping stuff and forgetting where it is.

Great for finding .dll and .exe files located in Win98 Cabinet files. Thanks I appreciate your program - restored a program from a .cab file on my win '98 machine - thanx

I think your little app is one of the coolest utilities I've used.

I really like your application. I don't use it daily, but it occasionally fills a need that would be tremendously tedious otherwise.

I constantly use your program and have so used it on my home computer approximately for the last three years. I find it wonderful and indispensable.

I just wanted to let you know that ZipScan's classpath (directory) search really helped me out today. I was trying to work through a classpath / class loading problem and I had to keep iterating to figure out what .jar files I was missing. Each time I'd get an exception (ClassNotFound) I'd use ZipScan to find the jar containing the referenced class.

ZipScan is one fantastic program. Not only does it search archives, but it could also function as a much faster replacement for Windows Find! Congratulations on a job well done!

Just what I need, I have be perplexed & spent to much of my time searching thru'zipfiles to find info. Thanks HEAPS

Many thanks for ZipScan. It's a program I've looking for; particularly like the "CAB" search feature.

Excellent program. Extremely useful and easy to use. Easiest way to search for Cab and Zip file archives that I have ever used.

What an excellent utility! - Well done!

Just a quick thanks re: zipscan. It has helped me quite a bit, especially when re-installing Windows. Seems as though Windows often can't find its own .cab files.

Very great program : the best program for searching text in zipped files! Thank you.

Hey thanks for this shareware. It works swell!

Thank you for a very useful program - this is so much use/help to me

I've been searching for DAYS for a small utility that will do exactly this. I was looking for one that would examine and extract files from zip archives only, but the fact that this one will work on cab files as well is just icing on the cake ! !

What a terrific program! Thank you!

Very fine tool. Just what I have been looking for.

A utility that I was searching for for a long time.

I love your program...It will save me hours of looking and make me more efficient.

We have Winzip at our company and users were asking about a search utility for it. I looked at Pkzoom from Pkzip and compared to yours, it's a joke .

Thank you for this great app. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. So far no bugs.

I like your program very much, it's a very handy and easy to use tool. I will recommend it to the newsgroups I'm visiting.

Yes, Yes, Yes! Just what I needed. Looked all over the net and this is the only program that would do what I needed. My Win ME is unable to find files in it's Cabs. What a pain to look them up by hand. ZipScan does it in no time. I then point ME to the file and all is well. Thank you so much.

Excellent program. I have been searching for one that would allow me to search for text within an archived file.

I want to thank you for your great software it will save me so much time in finding documents in zip files.

I recently found your ZipScan utility - what a gem!

Thanks a lot; best searcher I have found.

I have just downloaded your ZipScan application - what a great idea! I can't understand why it isn't a standard part of WinZip...

I think zipscan is WONDERFUL !!!

The new feature to recursively search through archives is fantastic!

I just download and used your "creation ", ZipScan Version 1.3. It's a great Program. I live in Seattle, across the lake from Microsoft and it sure beats the heck out of anything they have for finding an individual file in a CAB.

We would like to thank u for providing such a great (useful) utility. We went thru the entire net searches but could not find even a single free utility that could search for files within archives. Your application does so and with impressive performance.

I appreciate your ZipScan program very much. It is easy to use, fast, reliable and very useful.

I know that there are other "scan" programs available, but yours is modest in size and doesn't try and take over one's file system. That's why I liked it immediately

You have written a fantastic program! I haveonly had it a couple of days and already I can see the potential of a program like this.

I just wanted to let you know that your ZipScan utility is AWESOME!!!! I just had to restore some files to my C:\windows\system directory because the W32/Magistr.a@MM found its way onto my system. ZipScan made it so easy to find the files I needed to restore from the CAB files on my Windows 98 disk. Thank you so much!!